Fiber Flight Style Laser Marking Machine

   It outputs laser through fiber laser device, has high electro- optical conversion rate, small size, good beam quality and does not require any water cooling equipment. Fiber laser device is the most advanced laser device in the world, whose service life is long and maintenance charge is low.
   Touch screen flying marking system is based on embedded laser control system, it’ s easy to operate, has stable performance and fast operating speed. The newest 3.0 version system is one of the fastest flying marking system.



CO2 Integrated Laser Marking Machine

   CO2 laser marking machine is gas laser device whose band wavelength of infrared light is 10.6 µm. It uses CO2 filled in the discharge tube as medium that generates laser. When electrode is added high voltage, the discharge tube generates glow and then discharge, so that gas molecules release laser and the laser energy can form laser beam after amplifying. Changing the path of laser beam by using computer to control galvanometer can realize automatically marking.

Pneumatic Dot Pin Marker ----------------CNC industrial permanent marking equipment!

· Abstracts: Compressed air driven tungsten carbide pin vibrates as computer controls the movement of the pin.

· Marking: Permanent in-depth marking.

· Suitable: Any parts metal or non-metal.

· Application: Variables on metal parts or name plates.

Electric Scriber ----------Can permanently mark on any material by hand!

·Abstracts: tungsten carbide pin vibrates as you mark by hand.

·Marking: Permanent in-depth marking..

·Suitable: Any parts metal or non-metal.

·Application: Mould, measuring tools etc.


Name Plate Marker
----------------Economical way for

marking name plates with small lots!

·Abstracts: Rotatable steel wheel can punch letters and numbers on tag.

·Marking: Permanent in-depth marking.

·Application: Any metal or non metal name tags.


Electrochemical Marker ----------------It gives you an effect

very similar to Laser Marking, yet the cost is only 1/10!

·Abstracts: Electrolyte darkens certain parts(by using stencil) of the metal under electric current.

·Marking: Black or white(for blackened parts) markings, high accuracy, no effect on the flatness of metal, anti-corrosion and high temperature.

·Suitable: Conductive metal.

·Application: bearings, drills etc.

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